Launch checklist

Here are the steps that need to be validated in order to go live.

☑️ Sandbox account onboarding

Activate your Sandbox account and retrieve your api-keys.

⬜ Run successful test transactions

Invoke /transmit then /evaluate and /outcome (or subscribe to a webhook). See that everything is running smoothly.

⬜ Sandbox certification

Communicate the transaction IDs for your successful tests, we will run a certification process on our side.

⬜ Production account onboarding

Once certification is done you will receive an invite to access your production FlexCharge account. Go to Developers > Api Keys to find your production api-keys. To complete the switch to production, exchange the existing Sandbox keys with production keys, and adjust all sandbox URLs ( to production URLs.

⬜ Replace the Sandbox api-keys with the new ones

That's it, you're settled!