Manage payment declines, boost your sales

FlexCharge allows customers who experience a payment decline to complete their purchase, via a real-time, frictionless experience.

Customers don't need to leave the store or create an account. Eligible transactions are taken care of by FlexCharge, requiring little and in most cases no interaction from the customer.

The high-level process is as follows:

The customer proceeds to check out and provides their details and payment info. If the payment transaction is accepted, FlexCharge remains invisible.
If the customer payment transaction is declined, FlexCharge is invoked. The customer is not informed of the declined payment and FlexCharge assesses the transaction within a couple of seconds. If the transaction is not eligible, our service responds with a decline. The customer in this case is shown the usual payment decline message. If the transaction is eligible, our service responds with a session key, used to activate our UI widget. This might trigger our UI to request some additional info from the customer. Most times however this is not required and the customer experience is completely frictionless.
Payment transaction is confirmed by FlexCharge. This confirmation is notified via the webhook and is also available via API. Since most of FlexCharge orders do not require any customer interaction, in most cases the customer's experience is completely frictionless.

Unlock sales lost to payment declines for immediate revenue increase without lifting a finger. Let our proven technology do all the hard work.