Money Flow

Rescued Payment

For each failed payment transaction that is successfully processed via FlexCharge (a FlexCharge order), the following money flow will take place:

1 - FlexCharge settles directly to the merchant the amount, minus the service fees.
2 - FlexCharge charges the customer for the amount due, directly. Customer charges are processed by FlexCharge as a Merchant of Record, via a Dynamic Descriptor, to ensure that the customer sees the merchant's name on their statement.

The typical flow is as follows:

1. A payment transaction is declined.
Instead of showing a decline message to the customer, the FlexCharge service is invoked. That triggers a real-time assessment of the transaction by FlexCharge. Approved transactions are confirmed to the merchant (along with a FlexCharge order ID), who can then complete the sale. Customers are confirmed that their order was successful.

2. Approved transactions by FlexCharge (FlexCharge orders) are settled directly by FlexCharge to the merchant
Funds are paid into the merchant bank account. FlexCharge service fees and any additional charges (if applicable) are deducted from that payment. All details related to the FlexCharge orders, fees, and charges are available in the reconciliation report and also available by subscribing to the related webhook.

3. FlexCharge charges directly the customer the amount due.
This transaction is not linked to the payment of the related order to the merchant and FlexCharge remains liable for any fraud or bad debt issue related to this customer payment. If the customer payment is successful, that is processed using the dynamic descriptor technology, which allows showing the merchant's name on the customer statement.


Any order can be refunded via the Merchant Portal, by choosing specific items or a specific amount. The same feature is also available via our Refunds API.

If a refund is issued after the customer was already charged by FlexCharge

FlexCharge directly refunds the customer.

If a refund is issued before customer was charged by FlexCharge

FlexCharge cancels/adjusts the due payment transaction, so the customer is no longer charged or is charged the reduced balance.