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Customer Initiated Transactions (CIT)

CIT are an essential part of the online purchasing experience, where customers initiate payments through a checkout page for products or services they wish to acquire. Occasionally, these transactions might face hurdles, such as declined payments due to various reasons (insufficient funds, incorrect card details, or network issues). This is where the Flex robust rescue process steps in to provide a solution.

Instead of leaving customers frustrated by declined payments, you can implement a proactive approach to evaluate and rescue these transactions.

In most cases the rescue is seamless and the customer doesn't even know that their payment had originally failed. In other cases, rescue might also involve notifying the customer about the issue and providing guidance on rectifying it.

By offering a rescue option, Flex enhances customer satisfaction and boost the chances of successfully completing transactions that would have otherwise been lost. This seamless process not only benefits customers but also helps merchants maintain their revenue stream and reputation.

Standard integration

Standard CIT integration is the ideal way to start with Flex.

Our Standard CIT integration offers a comprehensive solution for seamlessly incorporating CIT rescue into your checkout process. This integration is designed to be efficient and user-friendly, combining the power of API calls and a JavaScript library that can be easily embedded on your checkout page.

Through our API calls, you can securely transmit transaction data, initiate transaction evaluation, and receive real-time updates on transaction status.

Advanced integration

Reach the next level of online transaction rescue with our Advanced CIT integration.

This sophisticated solution involves integrating a dynamic customer input module directly into your checkout page.

By enabling customers to contribute crucial details such as reasons for the decline or updated payment information, you create an environment that significantly enhances the success rate of rescuing transactions

Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT)

MIT play a vital role in sustaining ongoing services and products for customers. These transactions involve automatic charges to a customer's payment method at regular intervals, ensuring uninterrupted access to the subscribed offerings. However, challenges can arise when these transactions are declined due to factors like expired cards, insufficient funds, or authorization issues.

Flex is dedicated to ensuring the continuity of subscription services through an effective rescue process. When a rebill transaction is declined, Flex analyzes the transaction initiates the dedicated rescue protocol.

With the MIT rescue process, subscribers enjoy uninterrupted access to their chosen services, merchants maintain their recurring revenue, and the entire subscription ecosystem thrives.

Direct API integration

Our API MIT integration offers a seamless and efficient way to manage subscription rebills. Through a robust set of API calls, you can effortlessly rescue failed recurring transactions.

Rescue is asynchronous, you will receive real-time updates and notifications about the status of each transaction.

SFTP batch processing

Experience the convenience of MIT Batch Processing for managing large volumes of subscription rebills effortlessly. This feature allows you to process multiple rebill transactions in a single batch.

Simply compile a batch containing the necessary transaction details and submit it through our secure system. Our platform then systematically processes each transaction, evaluating declines and triggering the rescue process when needed.

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