Use the Merchants API to retrieve information details on a merchant account set up on Flex.



Endpoint - Sandboxhttps://api-sandbox.flex-charge.com/v1/merchants
Endpoint - Productionhttps://api.flex-charge.com/v1/merchants
AuthenticationBearer Token


This API doesn't require body parameters.

Request example

curl --request GET \
     --url https://api-sandbox.flex-charge.com/v1/merchants \
     --header 'Authorization: abc123def456' \  //replace with bearer returned by /oauth2
     --header 'accept: application/json'


Prerequisites to invoke this API:

Authenticate and send the bearer token for this call.


  "accountId": "12345678-90ab-cdef-1234-567890abcdef",
  "id": "abcdef12-3456-7890-abcd-ef1234567890",
  "companyName": "Example Corporation",
  "legalEntityName": "Example Corporation Legal",
  "dba": "Example Corp",
  "type": "Limited Liability Company",
  "website": "https://example-website.com/",
  "description": "A sample description of Example Corporation.",
  "specialTerms": "Special terms and conditions apply.",
  "mcc": "1234",
  "industry": "Software and IT Services",
  "status": 0,
  "statusName": "INACTIVE",
  "customerSupportInformation": {
    "customerSupportName": "Example Support",
    "customerSupportEmail": "[email protected]",
    "customerSupportPhone": "+12345678901",
    "customerSupportLink": "https://support.example.com"
  "createdOn": "2023-01-01T00:00:00.000000Z",
  "primaryContact": {
    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Doe",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "phone": "0123456789"
  "developerContact": {
    "developerFirstName": "Jane",
    "developerLastName": "Smith",
    "developerEmail": "[email protected]",
    "developerPhone": "0987654321"
  "bankAccountInformation": {
    "ddaType": "Savings",
    "accountNumber": "1234567890",
    "maskedAccountNumber": "xxxxx1234",
    "routingNumber": "987654321",
    "maskedRoutingNumber": "xxxxx4321",
    "bankAccountVerified": true,
    "bankName": "Example Bank"
  "sites": [
      "id": "ab12cd34-ef56-gh78-ij90-kl12mn34op56",
      "name": "Example Site",
      "descriptor": "ExampleDescriptor",
      "descriptorCity": "Example City",
      "customerSupportName": "Alice",
      "customerSupportEmail": "[email protected]",
      "customerSupportPhone": "+10987654321",
      "customerSupportLink": "https://support.examplesite.com",
      "whitelistedUrls": ["https://www.examplesite.com"],
      "tags": ["Example", "Sample", "Demo"]
  "timezone": 60,
  "language": "en",
  "timezoneName": "Atlantic/Azores"

General response parameters

accountIdstringUnique identifier for the account.
idstringMerchant ID.
companyNamestringName of the company.
legalEntityNamestringLegal name of the entity.
dbastringDoing Business As (DBA) name of the company.
typestringType of the business entity,
E.g.: Sole Partnership.
websitestringCompany's website URL.
descriptionstringDescription of the company.
specialTermsstringSpecial terms related to the merchant account.
mccstringMerchant Category Code.
industrystringIndustry type,
E.g.: 'Publishing'
statusintegerNumerical status of the account
1 for active
0 for inactive
statusNamestringName of the status,
E.g.: 'ACTIVE'
customerSupportInformationobjectContains customer support details like name, email, phone, and support link.
createdOndatetimeTimestamp of when the account was created.
primaryContactobjectContains merchant's primary contact's first name, last name, email, and phone.
developerContactobjectContains developer contact information.
bankAccountInformationobjectContains banking details like account type, masked account and routing numbers.
sitesarray of objectsContains information about sites associated with the merchant.
timezoneintegerTimezone of the merchant, represented as an offset from UTC in minutes.
languagestringLanguage preference of the merchant.
timezoneNamestringName of the timezone,
E.g.: "Pacific/Pitcairn".

Detailed object parameters:

Customer Support Information

customerSupportNamestringName of the customer support contact.
customerSupportEmailstringEmail address for customer support.
customerSupportPhonestringPhone number for customer support.
customerSupportLinkstringURL to customer support webpage.

Primary Contact

firstNamestringFirst name of the merchant's primary contact.
lastNamestringLast name of the merchant's primary contact.
emailstringEmail address of the merchant's primary contact.
phonestringPhone number of the merchant's primary contact.

Developer Contact

developerFirstNamestringFirst name of the developer contact.
developerLastNamestringLast name of the developer contact.
developerEmailstringEmail address of the developer contact.
developerPhonestringPhone number of the developer contact.

Bank Account Information

ddaTypestringType of bank account, e.g., Checking, Savings.
accountNumberstringFull bank account number.
maskedAccountNumberstringMasked version of the account number.
routingNumberstringFull routing number for the bank account.
maskedRoutingNumberstringMasked version of the routing number.
bankAccountVerifiedbooleanIndicates whether the bank account is verified by Flex.
bankNamestringName of the bank.


idstringrequiredUnique identifier for the site.
namestringrequiredName of the site.
descriptorstringrequiredDescriptor of the site.
descriptorCitystringrequiredCity associated with the site descriptor.
customerSupportNamestringrequiredName of the site-specific customer support contact.
customerSupportEmailstringrequiredEmail address for site-specific customer support.
customerSupportPhonestringrequiredPhone number for site-specific customer support.
customerSupportLinkstringrequiredURL to site-specific customer support webpage.
whitelistedUrlsarray of stringsoptionalList of whitelisted URLs for the site.
tagsarray of stringsoptionalTags associated with the site.

A 'Site' is a unique online entity within a merchant's account. Key attributes include:

  • multiple URLs: Each site can be linked to several web addresses, accommodating diverse online facets of a business.
  • multiple Tags: Sites can be labeled with various tags for easy categorization and identification.
  • unique Flex Descriptor: Each site is distinguished by a specific Flex descriptor, ensuring unique identification within the system.
  • dedicated Customer Support Info: Sites have individual customer support details, including contact name, email, phone number, and a support link, enabling tailored customer service for each site.