Forecast report

Transactions to send

For the purpose of a business case, two months of data will suffice.

All historical payment transactions types need to be sent:

  • successful transactions
  • failed transactions
  • refunded transactions
  • chargebacks

Data layout

Please follow our required data layout, one record per transaction. This file cannot contain any PII or PCI data.


We support .csv and .xlsx files


MerchantstringrequiredIdentifier for the merchant
SiteUrlstringoptionalURL of the merchant's site
Transaction_TimestampdatetimerequiredTimestamp of the transaction
Transaction_AmountdecimalrequiredAmount involved in the transaction
Transaction_CurrencystringrequiredCurrency code for the transaction amount
Transaction_TransactionTypestringrequiredType of transaction (e.g., Capture, Authorization)
Transaction_ResponseStatusstringrequiredStatus of the transaction (e.g., Declined, Approved)
Transaction_ProcessorNamestringoptionalName of the payment processor
Transaction_ResponseCodeSourcestringoptionalSource of the transaction response code
Transaction_ResponseCodestringoptionalCode returned by the processor in response to the transaction
Transaction_ResponseDescriptionstringrequiredDescription of the transaction response
Transaction_AvsResultCodestringoptionalAVS result code for address verification
Transaction_CvvResultCodestringoptionalCVV result code from the payment processor
Transaction_CavvResultCodestringoptionalCAVV result code for cardholder authentication
Transaction_CardNotPresentbooleanrecommendedIndicates if the transaction was card-not-present
IsMITbooleanrecommendedIndicates if the transaction is a Merchant Initiated Transaction
IsRecurringbooleanoptionalIndicates if the transaction is part of a recurring payment
Payer_IdstringoptionalIdentifier for the payer
Email address of the payer
Mask this info using SHA-256
Phone number of the payer.
Mask this info using SHA-256
PaymentMethod_TypestringrequiredType of payment method (e.g., CREDIT, DEBIT, PAYPAL)
PaymentMethod_CardBinNumberstringrequiredBIN number of the card used
PaymentMethod_CardLast4DigitsstringrecommendedLast four digits of the card used
PaymentMethod_ExpirationMonthintegerrecommendedExpiration month of the card used
PaymentMethod_ExpirationYearintegerrecommendedExpiration year of the card used

Name of the cardholder.
Mask this info using SHA-256

Masking sensitive information

Please do not send PII of PCI data in this file. Use the SHA-256 encryption to mask sensitive of private information.

Transfer modes

Historical data is typically transferred to Flex in one of the following ways:

  1. Send a password protected ZIP file
  2. sFTP upload