Merchant Initiated Transactions

Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT) are transactions where the merchant initiates the payment on behalf of the customer, without the customer actively participating in the transaction.

Data Flow

For MIT delines, copies of the declined transactions are sent to FlexCharge with an expiry date (minimum 2 weeks, ideally 3 weeks).

FlexCharge will retry these transactions during this period of time while sending status update notifications via webhook;

  • approved: transaction was rescued by FlexCharge
  • expired: FlexCharge wasn't able to rescue this transaction during the expiry date.


Send only MIT that have just failed

The FlexCharge service is optimized to work with failed Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT) that have just failed. These need to be passed to FlexCharge on that day (and not after a few days or weeks) and should not be retried by the Merchant up to the set expiry date.

Find your use case

I'm a merchant processing Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT)Merchant direct integration for MIT
This is a direct integration for merchants who run recurring subscriptions.
I'm a Partner processing Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT)Partner integration for MIT
This is an integration for partners whose merchants run recurring subscriptions.
I want to send batches of MIT through SFTPMIT batches via SFTP
This setup doesn't require any integration.